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Advertising Match Strikers: Matches

Once of the most obvious items to advertise on a match striker is the product they are designed for.. Matches). The match strikers shown below all advertise match companies and brands

Bryant and May

These are two different examples of a basic cloverleaf design used by Bryant & May (more types exist)

  Bryant & May's advertising match striker

Bryant & May Matches advertising match striker Bryant & May's Advertising Matchbox Holder

Bryant & Mays Match Box Holder & Ashtray

Bryant & May's Match Striker Bryant & May's Wax Vestas Match Striker

This Macintyre & Co match striker designed for a large sized match box advertises 'Bryant & May's Safety Matches' and has a registered design number (RD NO. 519834) dating it to 1908. A near identical design was later made for Bryant & May by Fieldings & Co (note that the wording has now changed to "Brymay" Safety Matches)

Bryant & May's Safty Matches 

Bryant & May (Unmarked) Bryant & May (Unmarked)

Bryant & May (Unmarked)

Club Matches This brand

Club Matches (Bryant & May) Club Matches (Unmarked)

Captain Web Matches & Puck Matches

 Captain Web Puck Matches (Unmarked)

Suggested Reading:

Collectable Match-Holders from Bryant & May by Bob Swithenbank (ISBN 0-905111-12-5, published in 2004)

This 120 page book is an extremely comprehensive guide to (just about) all the vesta cases, tin plate match boxes, wall mounted match holders and match strikers manufactured for and by the Bryant & May match company (chapter 5 on the ceramic match strikers  is my favorite). As well as pictures of the items, the book is also illustrated by old adverts etc for Bryant & Mays products.


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