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Company History

Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co (also known as Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co)  was founded around 1867 by Thomas Taylor and William Tunnicliff in Shelton. Operations soon expanded and moved to Hanley, Staffordshire.

It is reported that after 1898 the company manufactured only "useful wares", however I am unsure whether this indicates moved entirely into the production of electrical insulators etc at this point.

In 1938 a number of companies in the Taylor Tunnicliff group were brought under the control of Taylor Tunnicliff (Electrical Industries) Ltd.


Some examples of marks seen on Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co match strikers are shown below. The first two are examples of the most common "queens crown" type dating from ~1875-98. The last also incorporates the mark of the retailer the striker was made for (Alex Jones & Co, Regent Street London). Their products also often carry a model number (usually in red).

Taylor Tunicliff mark 1 Taylor Tunnicliff mark 2 Taylor Tunicliff mark 3 Combined Taylor Tunicliff & Retailers mark

Ball style Match Strikers

Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co made a variety of styles of ball type match striker, some of which are shown below. Many have gilded interiors, or other gilded decoration.

Black & Gilt match striker 
Two Tone & Gilt match striker
blue crazy paving style brown crazy paving style
Dutch workers match striker

Advertising Match Strikers

Match strikers were used to advertise a wide variety of products and businesses. The first example is for Parker Brothers of Drighlington gold medal winning Mineral Waters. The second is for Bodeca which I presume is a brand of beer (advertised as by the bottle, dozen or cask).

Parker Bros Mineral Waters Bodica Beer, London, Liverpool, Birmingham & Mancherster

This is an excellent example advertising W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd 'The Three Castles Tobacco' (thanks to Paul Broomfield for the picture and permission to use it on the website).

W.D. & H.O. Wills Tobacco Adverting Match holder

Floral Pattern Match Strikers

The firm also produced match strikes with floral decoration, some of which appears to match that seen on their fairy lamp bases made for Sammuel Clarke . Similar designs are seen in a range of sizes (the first striker shown is ~7cm high, the second ~ 5cm high).

Floral (large) Floral small

Crested Match Strikers

Match strikers with a variety of crests can also be found (representing Universities, Colleges, Schools, etc).

Clare College, Cambridge
Edinburgh University Charterhouse School Eton College
University College, Oxford Cambridge University
Winchester School match holder

Dome style match strikers

The firm also produced dome style match strikers. The silver mounted basket style match striker in the second image has a registered design number (RD NO. 135875) dating it to 1889.

Dome style match striker Basket style match striker
Silver Topped match striker

Match strikers with ash trays

These match striker incorporates an ash tray to put spent matches or cigarette ash in. The latter two advertise Apollinaris mineral water (still on sale in Europe, and on sale in the UK when these match strikers were made)

Ball & Ashtray type Apollinaris Queen of Table Waters
Apollinaris (mineral Water)

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