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Match Strikers by Unknown Makers


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Charles Allerton & Sons

Arkinstall & Sons Ltd (Arcadian China)


Birks, Rawlins & Co

W.T. Copeland & Sons Ltd  (Spode)

Doulton & Co Ltd


Empire Porcelain Co (Ltd)

Fieldings & Co

Grimwades Ltd (Royal Winton)

F. & W. Goebel Co


Ralph Hammersley & SonNEW ICON

Edward Jones & Co Ltd


Lovatt & LovattNEW ICON

James MacIntyre & Co

Manor Ware


Olivant Potteries Ltd

F. & R. Pratt & Co (Ltd)

Price, BristolNEW ICON

Prinknash Abby Pottery

A.G. Richardson & Co Ltd (Crown Ducal)

Salopian Art Pottery Co

"Victoria" Schmidt & Co (GEMMA)

Shelley Potteries Ltd

Soho Pottery Ltd

Taylor, Tunnicliff & CoNEW ICON

Unknown MakersNEW ICON


WedgwoodNEW ICON

Wiltshaw & Robinson
(Carlton Ware) (1)

Wiltshaw & Robinson
(Carlton Ware) (2)NEW ICON

W. Wood & Co

Unmarked Match StrikersNEW ICON

Metal Match Strikers (1)

Metal Match Strikers (2)

Retailers Marks

Composite Section
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Advertising Match Strikers

Crested Match Strikers


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Can you help ?

The following match strikers have makers marks but I am unable to track down any information the firms they represent . Can you help ?

A. F & Co : No information, although the G may potentially refer to their place of operation.

Edinburgh Universiy A. F. & Co mark

A.F.C. : No information (I wonder if this is actually the same firm as above ?). Whoever they are the match striker is a nice one

Unknown Coat of Arms A.F.C. mark

Brecknell, Turner & Sons : Obviously a London factory, but no other information available. I suspect that Loysels Patent apparently refers to a paste which was applied to the surface of pottery and jewelery.
The resulting mottled pattern of black, blue, red and green on the striking ridges meant that it would not look dirty when it was used (as it was already a mixture of colours).

Brecknell, Turner & Sons Brecknell, Turner & Sons mark

J. S. Eden & Co, Haslington, Nr Crewe : A really nice advertising match striker, by another firm I can't find any information on, advertising Walker Taylor's Hop Ale and Mineral Water.

Walker Taylor's Mineral Waters Eden & Co Mark

Etruscan, England : I've not been able to find any information on this maker. I know Wedgewood made 'Etruscan Ware', but do not belive this is related to the item here.

Vine Leaf Pattern Match Striker Etruscan Mark

J.A.R & S, Stoke on Trent (Carmen China)  : I can find no information on this firm but my guess is that was J A Robinson as two of the other firms owned (or part owned) by this person Arkinstall & Sons Ltd (Arcadian China) and Wiltshaw & Robinson (Carlton Ware).  Used the same shape and construction method on some of their match strikers (which I have not seen elsewhere).

University of Cambridge Match Striker JAR & S, Carmen China Mark

James Green & Nephew
: As the back stamp says the firm is London based, and involved in the manufacture and design of advertising ware. I also believe they had at least one retail outlet, as I have seen a match striker with an impressed MacIntyre mark which also has a James Green & Nephew stamp.

The firm may still be in business today as a James Green & Nephew Ltd runs a Pottery & Wholesale Ceramics business in London today.

Apollinaris Robinson & Sanderson of Leith, Mountain Dew
James Green & Nephew, London

Goldprint Potteries : This very large matchstriker/ashtray advertised Captain Morgan Rum. Although missing on this example it should have a carboard base which reads as follows "Captain Morgan Striker Ashtray", "Made exclusively for Captain Morgan By Goldprint Potteries, Riverside Works, Wetmore Road, Burton On Trent, Staffs, Tel: BOT 34251". I have not been able to learn any more about this company, but the item looks to me as if it could date from the 1970 or even 1980s

Captain Morgan Match Striker Ashtray

Gosho Co Inc. : The makers marks say Gosho Co Inc, Fort Worth, Texas. Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha Bombay. They presumably mean this is a Japanese Company operating in Japan, India & the USA.

Gosho Matchbox Holder Ashtray Gosho Mark 1 Gosho mark 2 Gosho mark 3

Hancock & Corfield Ltd :  From the items I've seen this firm seems to be involved in the manufacture and sale of advertising ware, having a presence in London and Staffordshire. The firm of Hancock, Corfield & Waller Ltd trades in this material today, but I am unsure whether they are connected.

C.W.Shufflebottom, China Merchants Associated Potteries Mark

Hodan & Wellings : They were a London firm, but I can find no other information. Iinterestingly the first Apollinaris match striker shown is near identical to one produced by W. Wood & Co. The second example is unmarked, but I have seen a marked example.

Apollinaris (mineral water) advertising match striker Apollinaris, Queen of Table Waters

Hodan & Wellings mark

Longwy (?) : While I usually don't speculate about manufacturers this example is sufficiently unusual in design I'm fairly certain it can be attributed to the above factory. It is an advertising match striker for ' Taverne Du Chateau D'Eau', and on the base it read A. Duval, Suc, Paris, 24, Faub Du Temple. The match striker and match well are separate metal pieces, held onto a ceramic base by a screw and washer .

Taverne Du Chateau D'Eau A Duval Suc Paris

John Maddock & Sons Ltd : I can find no information on this firm

Union News Co Advertsing Matchbox Holder John Maddock & Sons Ltd mark

Osman & Co : They were obviously a London factory, and the registered design dates the piece to 1894.

Cleopatra style match striker Osman & Co mark

C.H. Pillivuyt & Cie : This is a French match striker, the surface also looks as if it has been covered with the Loysels Patent material.

Cone C.H.Pillivuyt, Paris

S & S : I have no information on this firm, though the floral striker looks as it it may originally have had a metal collar. The crested example is of Pembroke College Oxford.

Floral pattern White
Pembroke College, Oxford S & S mark

Stourbridge DG Ware : All I have been able to find is that the firm was a maker of glass sundries, including other advertising ware. Both items shown here have a patent number on the base (153799) which may refer to the technique of coloring the inside of the clear glass and lining it with a ceramic vessel (sorry about the clarity of the mark, I just cant get the lettering behind the glass to show better).

Bryant & Mays Match Box Holder & Ashtray Special Holt Ales Ashtray
Stourbridge DG Ware Mark

Wedekind & Co:  From the items I've seen this London firm seems to be involved in the manufacture and/or sale of advertising ware. Andy Killick has kindly provided the following information on them. The firm traded from4A St. Dunstans Alley Gt. Tower St. London E.C at some point between 1896 and 1898 (the dates were provided by a match striker from 'Pattisons Special Whiskies' as this firm only traded between these dates).

Faded Beer advertising match striker Stones Ginger Wine
Jeffrey's Lager Beer (damaged from burial) Wedekind & Co, London

Crown Mark ? : This one is a complete mystery to me. The firm's initials are presumably JSD, and the final D might refer to a place of manufacture. The crown mark does not seem to fit any of the firms I have checked.

Acorn shape Match Striker Unknown Mark

Hunting Dogs Mark ? : Another complete unknown, I think the mark is of a pair of hunting dogs on a leash, and I think I have seen it before but can't remember where, the decoration looks Italian to me but that's a guess really. Can you help ?

Floral Pattern match striker Hunting Dogs Mark ?

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